The Respite

“The Respite” is that breathing space inside each of us which hungers to know the intention of the life we are born into.

TheRespite“I, Rose Eva Thistle, invite you to walk with me through my life’s garden; a place where the seeds of hope, cast on the winds of time, altered the very mysteries of my life. Call it circumstances or fate if you so choose; but in the  1931 coalfields of southern Colorado, where I was born, the seeds that blew in on that wind were onerous labor and misplaced fidelity. It was a time when emigrants constructed safe havens by honoring the traditions of their Motherland. Our dialects carried on the coal dust that swept down the Del Agua Canyon nearby Trinidad, Colorado.

The first of the six degrees of separation in my life landed me on the doorstep of The Respite House for Orphans down Orphanage Road near Millet, Iowa. It was from there that my life came full circle and answered the questions I’d written in my diaries. The time had come for me to tell my story and time to die. Both  happened. 

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