My lament is that I wasn’t born at the onset of technological advancement on every level so that IT and I could have grown up together. “Why?” you may ask. Because the brain I have now is so cluttered with life’s memorabilia that I must force-fit the latest technology in-between my, by now, utterly hectic cerebrum.

I have examples; but, of course you already knew that. In the span of just four weeks my cerebrum felt the force of technology hitting at my zenith—imagine a Milky Way starburst!

Like a client’s CD and Stick I must adjust to my photography software; Word Press updates; new droid Smartphone; led by techno-savvy Lukas at Newsgrape added my blog; new homepage created (with help); words like spam and widgets and gadgets… There’s more, but I just… Oops, did I mention promoting my novel “Those Who Came Before” on social media?

Change is never easy, yet My Imaginings are worthy of my best efforts. Observe: “…The cerebrum sits at the topmost part of the brain and is the source of intellectual activities. It holds memories, allows us to plan, enables us to imagine and think. [Citation: National Institute of Neurological Disorders & Stroke]

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