“Look Outward…Inquire Within…”


My title (above) flashed quickly by in a television ad at the moment I drained my Cup of Joe. I guess it’s the writer in me that observes a picture in words: like an artist might see a masterpiece in a color palette. In this case my doorway to creating a new blog.  

Look Outward: I assume each of us know what it is to LOOK. But to look OUTWARD, well that may require a different state of mind: one willing to see but not judge others or ourselves. A way of thinking that requires empathy. There is woefully every form of opinion in every form of media that calls to us: “Get On Board,” we have your answer. To Look Outward we see the firestorm.

Inquire Within: Ah, here we have the reflection that is our essence. It is here we are liberated to think and wonder and ask and form opinion without outward influences. Humankind’s voice is silent here because it’s threatened by the Outward. Yet, the power that is thought lives at this moment and for all time. Inquire Within and we see the obtainable.



YOU might ask—I certainly would—why I leave an open-ended title in most of my blogs. It’s because I don’t know what is to come until I begin to write.

You see, writing is an art no less and no more than wonder or thought. All humankind FEELS their healing thoughts and they wonder at the mystery of thinking them—that is until others proclaim we should think differently—Like Them.

Did our thoughts then change? Throughout history that answer depended on the consequence placed on speaking for or against—Like Them.

My hope is that my sisters and brothers throughout our Earth held in time without end each healing thought and their wonder at the mystery of thinking it! For in this case: AND, THEN WE ARE.


typewriter_legswtypewriter_sample_img_2I’m RUSHING; but, only on the inside. Today I paused and asked myself: “Toward what?”

Obsessed, I wonder… Has Earth picked up speed from some yet-to-be-identified phenomenon hidden in the Cosmos? Or, in the name POWERFUL it’s possible Earth’s sovereigns—and their politics—have forced an imbalance in accepted thinking. 

See! Here I go again! The possibilities are endless in “Rush to the What If’s of Life.”

So I wonder what is NOT rushed in life—laughter, dance, to sing, love, draw, read, create, pray, mature, children, rain, wind, birds, pets, rainbows, cry, assist, wilderness, oceans, trees, mementos, color, to write, night, day, snow, mountains, fish, memories, travel…

All I’ve forgotten on my list are now yours to add to slow “The Rush to Life.”


typewriter_legswtypewriter_sample_img_2WONDER is a word that means: be unsure or marvel or doubt. These three descriptors seem at odds and yet identify the essence of the word Wonder. So I wonder: Was I then and am I now unsure of where I’ve been and where I’m headed?  I marvel at my accomplishment and also experience remorse for dreams blown away on hurricane winds. Yes, every choice I made came with doubt. But, if the truth be told, the choices I was too afraid to make I now mourn.

On our Earth, in the Year 2013, all humankind Wonder: How is it the foundation beneath what we thought were our Motherlands are war-torn in every sense of that word? The development of social media allows us access to on-the-spot heartbreak as we watch our sisters and brothers in doubt. It’s then—if the truth be told—the choices we were too afraid to make before we can either make now or forever mourn.

July Fourth

 July 5, 2010  July Fourth – the winds came and the clouds came and the rains came and the fireworks exploded all around me. For some reason July 4th, any year, is the pinnacle of the year I’ve just exited. I reminisce, evaluate my lessons, wonder at what is to come and find that place deep inside that is comfortable with me/myself/and I.

In the closing moments as the spectacular flurry of fireworks light up the sky, I ask this question: “I wonder where you will be next year, old girl?” I actually never know until the next year, July Fourth to be exact.