Whether or not William Shakespeare of Stratford-upon-Avon wrote or did not write the works attributed to him—as some claim—does not in my mind cast a shadow of a doubt that “The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark or HAMLET for short, dates between 1599 & 1602 and is a masterpiece of betrayal—a  blog for another day.

Today is about the phrase from Hamlet “…to be or not to be” that we the people persist saying to this day. Yet how or when the words is the question” were added to the phrase I cannot say. Perhaps the answer is in the play itself or in our need to find answers for questions that are unanswerable.

As in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, life and death is still in the balance of how we humankind are to be or not to be. Our energy is intensifying and we look to Mother Earth who looks back and asks us: to be or not to be? Generations of those who built a solid steadiness we counted on weep at our breakdown. Malevolent and Noble continually cross swords to assure a win and the people cry out: to be or not to be. Children, being children, sense the MIGHT of the swords and reach for a sanctuary. The Statue of Liberty—a gift to America from the people of France—stands in bewilderment at her role to be or not to be.

The older word Musing means thought or reflection or deliberation and broadcasts to the world…TO BE OR NOT TO BE IS THE QUESTION!





The term Shell Shock—in the sense of war—goes back to World War I; a malady that today metamorphosed into any number of synonyms to describe the psychosis of war.  

In our days women and men serve in the military, but like those days, the children and families and nations still weep. And, shell shock today, like back then, still affects the Everything of Life.

In today’s world we are all, in some form, feeling the psychosis of internal and external revolt against what went before and is ongoing now. Not unlike the signature injury of WWI, Shell Shock, there will be consequences to the psyche of all humankind.

Yet, I dare to exclaim: “We must continue to reveal the Everything of Life!”