Whether or not William Shakespeare of Stratford-upon-Avon wrote or did not write the works attributed to him—as some claim—does not in my mind cast a shadow of a doubt that “The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark or HAMLET for short, dates between 1599 & 1602 and is a masterpiece of betrayal—a  blog for another day.

Today is about the phrase from Hamlet “…to be or not to be” that we the people persist saying to this day. Yet how or when the words is the question” were added to the phrase I cannot say. Perhaps the answer is in the play itself or in our need to find answers for questions that are unanswerable.

As in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, life and death is still in the balance of how we humankind are to be or not to be. Our energy is intensifying and we look to Mother Earth who looks back and asks us: to be or not to be? Generations of those who built a solid steadiness we counted on weep at our breakdown. Malevolent and Noble continually cross swords to assure a win and the people cry out: to be or not to be. Children, being children, sense the MIGHT of the swords and reach for a sanctuary. The Statue of Liberty—a gift to America from the people of France—stands in bewilderment at her role to be or not to be.

The older word Musing means thought or reflection or deliberation and broadcasts to the world…TO BE OR NOT TO BE IS THE QUESTION!




In the Serengeti, every year between the wet and dry season, the elephants migrate hundreds of miles at great peril to their younglings and themselves. Yet to not migrate is a death sentence to this Keystone specie. As I write this, the words death sentence catches my thoughts as we watch humankind do the same all across Mother Earth.

My family migrated too, from Brazil and Italy and England and by Wagon Train. Their intention was a better life in America for themselves and those of us yet to be born. In so many ways THEY built the America we were to be raised in and taught us the value of a place called HOME.

Today I’m conflicted about humankind migration because the media of every flavor spins THE STORY in so many ways. So I go back to the voice of those who came before me. Their intention was a better life and education for their children and FREEDOM. Freedom is a word that means free expression so I ask: If one who is not allowed a voice arrives in a place that does, what are the consequences to them and the country they now live in?

How I wished I’d have asked that question of those who came before me. I’ve never known anything else but liberty—Migrate…Integrate…Assimilate…Build!

Like the elephants, humankind will forever migrate. The Serengeti Elephants eat 350 pounds of food a day. If their droppings were not left behind there would be no fertilization for the grasslands to grow and that would change and ultimately destroy the Serengeti and all its inhabitants as we know it today.

Yet again Mother Earth speaks on our behalf…But are we listening?


TRUTH – the word means fact, reality, honesty and loyalty… Words that live inside me as part Janet's logo textof who I was, where I came from, who I loved, why I loved and who I am. Those who came before me set the stage I was to step out on in what is known as LIFE.

But these days I wonder whom to trust with my understanding of Humankind on Mother Earth. The Power Brokers: Governments, Media, Movies, Social Media, Prejudice, Education, Killing Fields etc. all vie for My Voice.  

So, I don’t know if I’m right about this for you, but for me, like when the swollen rivers rise, I head for higher ground; a place where I remember the sound of My Own Voice.   



typewriter_legswtypewriter_sample_img_2Since my previous blog was about Life Stories I decided to follow up with a few more thoughts I have on the subject of the story of our life. As my title says—not implies—each of us write our life story from beginning to end by every action we take; or don’t take.

LISTED are life story ingredients and—like making a salad—essential to humankind’s wakefulness as we each write Our Story:  conviction; listening; trust; inklings; soul-related; good & evil; discernment; consistency; breath; voice… And, our heartfelt desires.

The hidden notes in a completed salad are in the dressing we savor as we take our first bite. A reminder of the final sacred ingredient: living in the moment.




The Web of Silence

February 15, 2011 THE WEB OF SILENCE {Article first published as The Web of Silence on Technorati}

It lasts much longer than a foolish insect, unaware a soundless Black Widow awaits, until it flies into the stickiness that is her web of capture. For humans, it takes centuries before an attempt is made to tear the web of silence apart. Like the insect, we also struggle with the gooey web, pull against its strength and challenge its sheer size. But, being human we also push back against generations of fear-driven life to unearth the sovereignty of our soul—the conjoined right-to-be-heard in a quest for free will.

In the naivety of my youth, I seldom thought beyond my own freedoms. It is now, as the voices of humanity decry the silences of the past, that I unite my hope with theirs for a better world. Still, no longer naïve, I acknowledge that my self-determination and that of others is wholeheartedly different; be it: age, belief, language, ethnicity, politics, locale, hatred, lifestyle or fast-paced social media.

I recently saw the movie “The King’s Speech,” and, if the award nominations are any indication, so did millions of others. There is a scene in the movie that led me to write what you read now. It is when King George VI of England finally breaks the web of silence from his unfortunate childhood and screams at Lionel Logue, his eccentric speech therapist, “…cuz I have a voice!”

Each of us has a voice, like our Italian sisters who protest against Premier Berlusconi because they are humiliated by… (Readers: you fill in the reasons why the women of our world are so dishonored.) During the time it takes our earth to turn on its axis, one more silenced voice begins to whisper, then to speak and finally to scream. As a result, and no matter what, each of us will fly into that sticky web that is the future of humanity and no one is exempt from its outcome.