TRUTH – the word means fact, reality, honesty and loyalty… Words that live inside me as part Janet's logo textof who I was, where I came from, who I loved, why I loved and who I am. Those who came before me set the stage I was to step out on in what is known as LIFE.

But these days I wonder whom to trust with my understanding of Humankind on Mother Earth. The Power Brokers: Governments, Media, Movies, Social Media, Prejudice, Education, Killing Fields etc. all vie for My Voice.  

So, I don’t know if I’m right about this for you, but for me, like when the swollen rivers rise, I head for higher ground; a place where I remember the sound of My Own Voice.   



Shift is a word that means budge; change; spell, and alter. When we budge we push and shove. In change we revolutionize and transform. Spell is a magic charm, it evokes and leads to. As we alter we amend and correct.

Do any of these parts of speech remind you of something—anything? It’s OUR WORLD right now! We must find our sense of balance… Oops! That should read: “SENSE Your Balance.” Oh, and by the way, trust what you sense; the SHIFT is here!