HAND is a word that means give or offer or tender or dispense. This knowing caused me to wonder: “What if each time we shake a hand or hold a hand or kiss a hand or pat a hand or reach for a helping hand our LIFE would be—for the moment—unbroken?”

For those of you who know me suspect another question isn’t far behind. Here it is: “Might it be possible that the words we speak—as simple as HAND—are intended to carry out a purpose equally as vital to humankind as breathing?”

Ah! The Spoken Word…

September 29, 2010  Two friends from Alabama stopped by yesterday; Jo (aka Moose) and her husband Bill. Every several years I get a call telling me they are nearby. When I see them, there is no awkwardness between us—we begin where we left off. This time felt a bit different, not between us, but because of the topics of discussion. First off, of course, we covered our world, how fast it is changing, and how sad we are to have so little time left to influence its history. Scared, yes, but also (because we are ‘old’) resolute in the knowledge we did our best when we did have influence.

Second, and for the first time, the stories inside our childhood took wing in unstoppable expression. The memories, not those that made us laugh, but those that caused us to become who we are. From deep within, memories of the just and unjust experienced through the influence of grandparents and parents and sometimes siblings.

Example: Building a vehicle out of scrap wood and metal, sneaking out the bedroom window to ‘try it out,’ and getting caught—its discipline not appropriate for the transgression, in a young boy’s eyes.

Example: A young English girl, released from a London bomb shelter, runs crazily to her home. Is it standing? Are her parents alive?

Example: Influence of childhood religious experiences; the good and the evil and how we buried the experience or forgave it. All agreed it did introduce us to the importance of our soul-life.

Ah! The spoken word…It certainly can heal!