“DNA – The Light & The Dark”

Wikipedia: DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) [at first discovered by James D. Watson and Francis Crick] containing the genetic instructions used in the development and functioning of all known living organisms (with the exception of RNA viruses)…

DNA, as described above, is, in my opinion, the LIGHT!

But, if you know my writings at all, you will know we will now take a leap from the luminous side of DNA to the mind-numbing. Let’s presume, just for sake of the game, there are people looking for their moment of fame by using the wonder of DNA to confirm they are (or are not) the biological father of a newborn. In this case there may be as many as five who take a DNA test to make available to the mother a father for her baby. Okay, I’ve laid enough underpinning.

Everyone claims social media is a forever thing; so might these children someday watch their mothers bartering for a father and their potential fathers jumping with joy when their DNA doesn’t match?  Some “caught” walk away and others say: “I’ll do right by this baby.” But do they? The foreseeable continues to happen and DNA can do nothing to stop it.

DNA not withstanding… I envision the Essence of God asking: “WHAT ABOUT MY CHILDREN?”


My very old and much-loved dictionary defines Changelings as “…Archaic, One apt to change; a waverer.” I love the word Changeling and recently used it in an email to a dear friend. Email, you say, how archaic. Yes, you’re right. Yet, even though we exchange words in this fashion, my friend, also a Changeling and I still feel our Soul-Place with Intention raise up from the screen.

I believe each of us has a Place that is not measured by continent, country or hometown. These places are physical and Changelings know it is only for passing through. The true Place of import is how, when and why we become Changelings—where we transform that nothing special place into our Soul-Place with Intention.

Ironically, in our search for Soul-Place with Intention, we find out that our foes and our sources of help are one-in-the-same: social media, the worldwide web, scrutiny, hatred and greed.

Yet, there are Changelings, hidden in the cloak of unawareness that our world sorely needs. Look! See if you can find one—or are one.

Montera Christmas

December 2011: I wonder to myself: “Where is that time I thought I had before…  You know of what I speak, I’m certain. Add to that The Christmas Season with its true meaning and its expectations of family gatherings, and soon I’m overwhelmed with activities.

We had our Montera Christmas very early this year to accommodate our grown/growing children. Our father, 93 in good health, was here; an added blessing. This longstanding tradition is a Christmas Gift in the truest sense of those words. An opportunity to bring the past and the future together; compliments of our children and grandchildren. I sometimes wonder if they need us any longer; well, until they smile or stop to hug me for no particular reason. It is then I recognize that tiny tot I held so long ago still exists in my deepest remembrance. It’s also a reminder to me that my “Bucket List” becomes less and less of a joke and more of an intent. That Old Father Time tracks us as much as love and fear and joy and sorrow.

During a brief spell in the festivities, my nephew Christopher helped “cast” me deeper into social media. A place I needed to go, but without his parachute it would have been suicidal to do on my own. So, here is my pitch: Check out my Blog; Novel Prelude; Writers: Facebook; Technorati; you get the idea. It is a great feeling to know enough to generate new works and also to acknowledge that I should not exceed my knowledge of the moment.

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE: “A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to You” was the verse that was shown on the first commercially available Christmas card in 1843. Christmases had been merry long before that though. The use of ‘Merry Christmas’ as a seasonal salutation dates back to at least 1565, when it appeared in The Hereford Municipal Manuscript.” An artifact that reminds me, as does Father Time, that traditions are the fabric of life around the world…Janet


Voices Swept Away in the Winds of Time

SHADOWS OF HUMANITY {Article first published as Shadows of Humanity on Technorati}

Inside the specter that is human life is where we are the most visible. Like tree branches in winter, we cast shadows of who we will become in our spring. Photographer Ansel Adams said: “We live in the shadows.” Personally, I love the shadows for it is there I find solace, moments to contemplate my world and Creation. You do this also, although you may not use the same words to describe it.

Each of us, given social media, expert speak, and on-the-spot news in any language, is ever more aware of the pitfalls that exist in our physical world. There is so much to grasp, sort through, wonder about and datum surround us in white noise. Where do we begin? Can we make sense of it all? How scared am I? What’s next? Ah, and that is just our physical world.

Each of us, given the same aforementioned information, glimpse only shadows of what this all means to our individual lives and that of the people in our six degrees of separation. It overpowers our thoughts and leaves us less able to act on any specific issue. In my more lucid moments, I realize my voice is being swept away in the winds of time, along with yours, and yours and yours…

We look to the governments of the world to handle the “big stuff.” That isn’t always satisfactory either—so many power agendas, elections on the horizon, anarchy, greed, hatred and infighting.

Now that I’ve completely depressed you, well maybe myself, I want you to know I do have hope. No, I am not an optimist nor am I a pessimist. I am a human being living in a complex world alongside my sisters and brothers. THIS is our hope—one another.

Ansel Adams also said: “A photograph is usually looked at – seldom looked into.” At this moment in our history, each of us is pictured in this photograph: look closely! We can no longer hang in the shadows of unawareness.