“What If We Are The Gardeners Of Our Life?…”

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Gardeners: We’d prepare the ground and plant the seeds at the perfect moment of the right season. Lovingly we would add water and nutrients to encourage our buds to push aside the dirt that still holds us captive. We’d wonder how or if our seedlings would leave the protection beneath to seek the warmth pledged by the rays of the Sun.   

We’d constantly be on guard to pull all weeds that command our breathing space. To save from harm those tender plants growing faster than intended by their season. To keep an eye out for the insects that unite the garden and those that intend to destroy it.

To ultimately be content: even proud and pleased that the fruits of our labor can now be shared with others. Like those who may, for the first time, learn the value of a garden. Or those who begin to clear the overgrown weeds to remember what they used to have.

Ultimately we’d observe—with knowing—that the seasons begin to change and soon the gardens of our making will fade away to create space for the beginners.

Dare I Ask: “What if our garden is forever barren just because we chose to never plant that first seed?”

“God and the First Light…”

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There’s a book I’m reading that unexpectedly shed light on how humankind can be as one; even if for a single moment each evening.

To lay the groundwork I quote from the book: “The Story of Earth” by Robert M. Hazen that says in part: “…The over-whelming majority of those first atoms were hydrogen—more than 90 percent of all atoms—with a few percent helium and a trace of lithium thrown in. That mix of elements formed the first stars.” Hazen continues with a chapter on “First Light.” It was then that I caught the light

What if, without the customary spin on how, why, when or if we are to look at the stars, “We the Peoples of Earth” step outside and look up anyway at what twinkles equally above our homes? It is here we offer hope to one another that plant the seeds of a renewed “First Light.”

Oh, and God, well is not that life-force also the stars?


typewriter_legswtypewriter_sample_img_2So, you may ask why I, who blog mostly surrounded by the soul of humankind, attended a lecture entitled “GLOBAL FOOD CRISIS-WAS MALTHUS RIGHT?” Well, it turned out it wasn’t a lecture at all. It was just pure edification! (Presenter gave permission to use his title.)  So, let’s start with his title, one word at a time….

GLOBAL: you and me baby and everyone else too. FOOD: the physical sustenance of humankind. CRISIS: disaster, emergency, catastrophe… MALTHUS: The Reverend Thomas Robert Malthus (1766-1834) formulated his theory of Natural Selection; a writer of great significance and controversy and read notably by Charles Darwin.

So, I’ve never been much for statistics, but these seem important: 220,000 people are born each day on earth; the Dust Bowl (1931-1939) happened at a time of economic depression coupled with drought, unusually high temperatures, poor agricultural practices and resulted in wind erosion; 1,000 tons of water is needed to produce one ton of grain; in the Middle East water is  scarce, and over the last century its consumption has increased faster than the population; 70% of the world’s fresh water is used to irrigate crops.

So, you may ask why it matters about The Seeds of Life, genetically modified or not and theories like Natural Selection… Well, until we die, it is the seed planted in the soil and fresh-watered that is the grain of our Physical Sustenance. Our Soul Sustenance… Well, that’s the water of time without end.