YES… Actually, “I Am The Good Old Days!” Life then was political; but appeared to work on behalf of the American People. It was women’s voices across clotheslines. Life was onerous work intended to help future generations. Family life included a belief in God that we each venerated without scrutiny. Our teachers knew our parents and endorsed an education for each child in their care. Bullies existed, but were reigned-in by parent-to-parent solutions. We worked (for pay) at any age and did so, not for us, but for the family. No one locked their doors; we had so little to steal (I guess)? We stood and honored the Flag of the United States of America everywhere because we thought it honored the soldiers and our fathers who never returned from war. And, yes, we knew that life would change.

But, I never imagined a social media that opened a window onto the world of all that is human; at least to those of us still free to utilize it. This media requires us to see/hear everyone’s slant and thus we are left to find our own truth between the chatter. Neighbor-to-neighbor we are still United; for survival sake. If this were only true of our elected politicians who want to win; even at the expense of continued existence of the United States of America.

Yet, I never expected that my AMERICAN FREEDOMS would begin to crumble; in lesser, unreported, underground eruptions. My only solace: I did, once, live in the Good Old Days and so I know a freedom when I see one!


My very old and much-loved dictionary defines Changelings as “…Archaic, One apt to change; a waverer.” I love the word Changeling and recently used it in an email to a dear friend. Email, you say, how archaic. Yes, you’re right. Yet, even though we exchange words in this fashion, my friend, also a Changeling and I still feel our Soul-Place with Intention raise up from the screen.

I believe each of us has a Place that is not measured by continent, country or hometown. These places are physical and Changelings know it is only for passing through. The true Place of import is how, when and why we become Changelings—where we transform that nothing special place into our Soul-Place with Intention.

Ironically, in our search for Soul-Place with Intention, we find out that our foes and our sources of help are one-in-the-same: social media, the worldwide web, scrutiny, hatred and greed.

Yet, there are Changelings, hidden in the cloak of unawareness that our world sorely needs. Look! See if you can find one—or are one.