“Education…The Tree of Life”


Education is a word that includes teaching, learning, tutoring, edification and culture. There are so many ways to instruct: Fear; Dialect; Cruelty; Respect; Intolerance; Lenience; Schooling; Life, and Self-Taught.

Why should we Humankind care more for who and how we educate than for sports or killing or social media or dominance or hatred? It seems obvious, but is it? Obvious is a word that means observable; so are we observing the demise of the import for an educated society?

The Teaching I speak of ranges from the family elders to the formal educators and the Students I speak of seem unmindful of the need to absorb knowledge in all its forms. Yet some, like last evening, graduated with General Educational Diplomas (GED). Their individual stories were compelling and each shared a singular trait: A declared worth for their pursuit of knowledge.    

To be Watchful of Education is Humankind’s Contribution to One Another.


typewriter_legswtypewriter_sample_img_2You may have heard of them, even of more consequence, read their treatise: Cicero, Virgil, Rousseau, Augustine, Aquinas, Marcus Aurelius, Bacon, Mill, etc. Please, do not be fooled into thinking these orators are no longer of value. What they said centuries ago is worth as much exposure/analysis today as during their lifetimes. These Intended Thinkers remain silent unless you and I dust off the cover of their thoughts.

So, I throw the gauntlet and ask you, the Intended Thinkers out there, to rediscover century-old truths that still speak volumes…

Jean–Jacques Rousseau Political Economy… “The more laws are multiplied, the more they are despised, and all the new officials appointed to supervise them are only so many more people to break them, and either to share the plunder with their predecessors, or to plunder apart on their own…”

Marcus Tullius Cicero De Officiis, I, 41… “We are obligated to respect, defend, and maintain the common bonds of union and fellowship that exist among all members of the human race.”

John Stuart Mill Utilitarianism, V… It is part of the notion of Duty in every one of its forms, that a person may rightfully be compelled to fulfill it…”