I was researching the word storyteller the other day and found that We the Writers of Mother Earth are regarded as both raconteurs and fibbers and liars. Well, I was deeply offended! In fact, I consider each word I write to carry with it my intention to speak to the essence of its reader.

Words, in any language, can benefit or create fear or destroy. Storytellers on social media are fully engaged in a war of words that include their credentials to impart they are correct in whatever they print. Newspapers and magazines and mailings arrive in our mailboxes or on our doorsteps. These are to enlighten us on whom or what to vote for. What is best for us to eat or buy and where. Yet, not many flyers remind us to look at a cloud or stop to listen to our child’s laughter or call an elder parent or just take a breath.



typewriter_legswtypewriter_sample_img_2The word MIDDLE means equally distant from the extremes.

The word GROUND means the basis for something.

I’m awake—as I’ve never been before—to the thought that Humankind’s Earth is our only remaining Collective Middle Ground. Yet, I cannot say with certainty that this premise is entirely true. Remember the story of the “Pied Piper of Hamelin” hired to lure the rats away with his magic pipe?

History is littered with pied pipers who lead others to believe in something untrue or unreal or who made rash promises. Yet, We the People wake everyday and find a way to survive this magic pipe.

My thread—golden and hopeful—is a belief that We the People (in the stillness that is thought) can and do influence change on Earth.


First comes the egg, then larva, then chrysalis—exit the Butterfly. I’ve discovered that my life imitates the butterfly as do all other creatures on earth. We all begin as an egg (of some sort). Larva, well I’d say that was my youthful self—full of wonder and curiosity. Chrysalis (cocoon or pupa) the stages of my growing-up life when wonder faded and curiosity gave me a few shiners. But it is now, in the inevitable revisiting of a long life, that I understand I’ve become the potential of that long-ago egg—me!

I reference a yellow and black butterfly because in the mystical world of the angel-ether, it is an important guidepost. In this case: yellow represents wisdom and black, creativity. I sensed many guideposts along my way, but recognized them only when I realized that ALL symbolism matters; whatever its source.

Just imagine how fragile an egg truly is—yet billions of us survive. This says to me that We Are Purpose and Meaning. Whenever a butterfly (whatever color) gifts your space, pause and remember!