“I’ve Got Your Back…”

I've got your back

First, I ask this question: “DO WE?”

I studied, for a bit, to find the origin of this truism: “I’ve got your back!” There were both opposite and parallel explanations but no source swore as to the timing or reason or intent of this particular saying. There were military implications and a kind of promise implied; but really no absolute to quantify “I’ve got your back.”

This cultural truism is now on T-Shirts and proclaimed as easily as “What’s Up?” Well, actually that also may be outdated.   

My point is as humanity begins to question, well anything, we begin to look over our shoulders to consider who might actually have our back—an uneasiness that requires us to close ranks with those proven to have our backs.

When humanity is forced to change, so is all that is connected to them. Example: The voices of governments who repeatedly proclaim: “We’ve got your back.” Maybe they’re unaware the slogan is only on T-Shirts these days.


typewriter_legswtypewriter_sample_img_2In dream sleep, this question floated into the creative space that is my thoughts. You have them too… when a thought wafts past and you mean to grasp for it. But the baby cries; cell phones ring; late for work; teenagers; anger… So, I wondered, which is the illusion—the moment thought or the distraction?

As we grow—in all forms—we tend to sketch our plan but exclude its intent. We learn that what we thought was our life, really isn’t; but we hold onto the false impression anyway. We become committed to the illusion and forgo our potential.

The word illusion means deception, appearance, chimera, trickery. So, what should we grasp for: the crying baby or a wafting thought? I believe both or we are the illusion!