“Destruction: By Self or By…”

Janet's project 1 copyThere are only unsympathetic synonyms listed for the word Destruction. I take for granted this is due to humankind’s experience—throughout time—of the word itself. So, you may ask, why should I care about the WORD DESTRUCTION? It is, isn’t it, just a word for heaven’s sake?

Well, if we’ve been hanging around Mother Earth for any time at all, we’ve experienced destruction to our psyche due to: wars: religion; poverty; hatred; cover-ups; family; hunger; fear; health; greed; death of those we love; power, and our own self-destruction.

It is honestly Destruction by Self that is at the depth of my sorrow for humankind. This loss is the hardest to tolerate—while it happens and forever afterwards. Of course, there are specialists who treat and can help; also if allowed. There is prayer. But, thus far, you and I were not endowed with an ability to save another if they are dedicated to self-destruction.

Save is a word that means to set aside. Perhaps we should set aside the act to save another until we have rescued ourselves.  


typewriter_legswtypewriter_sample_img_2INSIGHT: We all hope we have it. IT that keeps us protected by using our five senses: vision, hearing, smell, taste and touch. But the REAL question is: Are my five wits always firing? I would love to think so; but I’d be fooling myself.

In my mind’s eye I think all five senses surely fire when shock takes hold… You know: war or despots or disaster or hatred or poverty or inhumanity or… You add your own list here.

To ask the question of whether or not Insight is Given or Acquired is like asking someone: “Do you know what your future holds?”  Yet, if we were to invite this query into our consciousness—in any given moment—we just might have the first sensitivity of how to salvage ourselves. It is then, using our five senses, we just might be able to lend a hand to humankind.


“FALL FROM GRACE” is a well-known term used to define something we really cannot articulate in any other way. The definition for Fall: collapse (meaning to come to nothing). The definition for Grace: elegance or beauty of form, manner, motion or action. There is an extensive litany on the expression: To Fall From Grace that I needn’t repeat here.

What I do want to say is that the underpinning of what I thought was the United States and the world for that matter, has FALLEN FROM GRACE. The fall continues to come in many forms: despots being toppled; the interconnectedness of monetary systems exposed to their core; self-indulgence at the expense of a future for our children and grandchildren; centuries of abuse of women and children; loathing because we honor God in different ways; hidden secrets exposed inside religious and secular institutions; the destruction of peoples in poverty; the destruction of America’s middleclass; politicians (worldwide) who forgot or never cared to represent the peoples who elected them; polarization of a singular way of thinking that ignores the median of life, and very disturbing to me, the American Congress I find more interested in winning than serving—not re-election…power!

All of these issues are at the core of the heart of the peoples of the world and yet it seems our voices have Fallen From Grace.