“Evolve or Shape-Shift Through Life…”

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Evolve is a word that means to make progress or go forward or change. Humankind—dare I imply Mother Earth herself—has endowed humanity with Earth Pathways we are free to follow or to take no notice of. But, as usual, danger and/or reward are always just around that next change in direction.

As I write this I’m remembering the Earth Pathways that shaped my humankind progress. Many evolved over time; the pathways were a climb; a bit bumpy, yet ultimately smoothed out. Others, well others were shape-shifted without my permission; even life-threatening. So, how might my experiences help you?

Well—first and foremost—at all times when stepping onto Earth’s Pathways be fully aware of your intention for doing so. Yet, intention is never absolutely alone on whatever pathway we ultimately choose. That unseen shape-shifter—devoid of our vigilance—obscures the light that is our invitation to try again.

The Pathway of Our Intention

I marvel, after-the-fact, at how my life continually changed direction; yet somehow ultimately led me to the path I was born to travel. We don’t recognize any pathway in our youth or middle years because we’re distracted by the hills and bumps and off-ramps we take; unwittingly. Nevertheless there comes a moment in life that we pause to look around and fearless, step onto the pathway of our intention.

To do so isn’t easy or obvious. But, it is rewarding when we meet ourselves unintended on the passageway engraved with our name. Was recognizing my footpath easy? Absolutely not! It required me to find: my voice, my joys and my dreams. It also required me to let go of my sorrows and resentments. But once I recognized my path, I silently promised, “I’m here, take me where you might.”

What is your intention? Where is your voice? Do you have dreams, yet unfulfilled? What brings joy to your being? Can you forgive? I place these questions here, not so you must answer them, but so you will live them. In this way the pathway to your intention will divulge its location.