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Providence is a word that means outside influence, destiny, divine intervention, fate… You get the idea. I NEED such definitions to offset the perplexed America I hear on the news and view on social media. I ask myself: “Are we truly in the days of anarchy?” If so, I’m looking for answers as to why.

But there is always that noted double-edged sword in play in the game of life; ours and that of our country. We can stay undercover or we can uncover or do both to find our truth. For it is there that our destinies dwell. 

The News – Frustration or Hope?

 June 10, 2010 My intent is not to become frustrated with the news of our world. To myself I say, “Just stay focused on the word hope.” I find this comparable to placing a young plant in the soil, giving it no attention yet expecting it to grow. You do see the implausible at work here, don’t you?

All right then what is this hope I’m so attached to?  Hope, the word, means expect, trust, desire, dream and faith. Words we all lean towards, yet words that fall down, sometimes in a violent storm, other times in violent acts of hatred. I wonder, might I fall into my own violent storm and through an act of hatred become another newsworthy story; at least until something more violent shows up. Human beings, me, for example, can fear/hate things we do not understand. Therefore, we judge, we quarrel, we give our differences acronyms and we believe our way is the way. This is where we are, and yet, that young plant still awaits our nurturing hand.