YOU might ask—I certainly would—why I leave an open-ended title in most of my blogs. It’s because I don’t know what is to come until I begin to write.

You see, writing is an art no less and no more than wonder or thought. All humankind FEELS their healing thoughts and they wonder at the mystery of thinking them—that is until others proclaim we should think differently—Like Them.

Did our thoughts then change? Throughout history that answer depended on the consequence placed on speaking for or against—Like Them.

My hope is that my sisters and brothers throughout our Earth held in time without end each healing thought and their wonder at the mystery of thinking it! For in this case: AND, THEN WE ARE.


MysteryLOGOMystery is a word that means secrecy or anonymous or the whodunit thrillers of life. Thoughtful of these descriptors brought to mind how real life imitates the anonymous secrecy of those whodunits that influenced humankind from time immemorial.

Most whodunits—already in the annals of history—are revealed for how they fashioned our Earth. Those interested in these whodunits certainly realize the affect our past has on our future. Those denied access to knowledge or unaware of its impact on their future know not the secrecy.

Yet Generational Storytellers—from time immemorial—have foretold of futures set to repeat their past. It’s A Mystery!


agatha workingAGATHA CHRISTIE

Title and first paragraph below from The Agatha Christie Mystery Collection.

“…I sometimes wonder how things would have gone if I’d noticed at the time just that one essential detail that I never appreciated until so many years afterwards. If I had noticed it—well, I suppose the course of three lives would have been entirely altered. Somehow—that’s a very frightening thought.”

It was late at night and I couldn’t get to sleep so I grabbed one of Christie’s books and randomly opened to the page noted in the above paragraph. An irony, don’t you think, of how many ways our life lessons materialize; well at least until we learn them. I’ve assessed singular essential details throughout my years and like Christie writes: “I never appreciated until so many years afterwards.”

It is a frightening thought of how we impact others; with and without our awareness.