Do you ever awaken at three in the morning with a trainload of words and ideas racing past your awareness? I do, and there is never a conductor onboard to pull the whistle warning me of the potential danger. It is from this place of disorder that I typically write my blogs. It is also a place where I sort, keep or throw away what is my past.

I find this bewitching hour forces me to look directly into the mirror and reflect back what I see. Like the story of the Widows of India (OWN – Oprah Winfrey in India). In the intrinsic way of life around the world, women are still a lesser amount of worth. I don’t quarrel with what is that I alone cannot repair. Yet, I am free to experience and articulate my place from the tongue of an American Woman. Are we blessed, you better believe it!

I also sorted, as cunning as the Sorting Hat of Harry Potter, to let go of what is not and live in what is: spiritually, emotionally and physically. I’m not 40, 50 or 60 so this requires a lot of readjusting to the mirror of my life.

The next time I awaken to a cacophony of birds and disharmonious thoughts, I’ll try to remember this blog. And My Sisters, let us never forget one another.


 We are the centerpiece of the tables of life! So, how is it that the chairs of multiplicity that surround our tables now withdraw into the squabbling of disconnection? Either we are sisters or we are not—a truth that takes into account our differences and our innate ability to survive in a changeling world.

Please my sisters of the many hues in the after-rain skies that reign over our homes remember we are one at the table of humanity. Come, visit and stay awhile. I’ll hear your story and you can hear mine.

Life’s table is naught without you… and me!