typewriter_legswtypewriter_sample_img_2We, all of us, just entered 2013 with Mayan foreboding. But, the end did not appear to happen so like the magician pulls a rabbit from a hat, we all applauded the hoax. But, my sisters and brothers, the Maya Peoples are correct; just look and see into every corner of your understanding of what America, and Earth for that matter, used to be.

Oh there’s greed and political infighting where NO American wins because it isn’t about us any longer. I used to watch the “news” where each media paints a different picture based solely on spin. So, I’ve learned to distrust all but what I, the individual, actually experience moment-by-moment in MY life.

I’d love to bore you with the details of MY life, but really that would only be my spin. So maybe it is enough to ask you to consider that the Maya had it soul-right… 2013 begins the uncovering of what it is to be humankind in the Milky Way that has no solid ground beneath it.


My lament is that I wasn’t born at the onset of technological advancement on every level so that IT and I could have grown up together. “Why?” you may ask. Because the brain I have now is so cluttered with life’s memorabilia that I must force-fit the latest technology in-between my, by now, utterly hectic cerebrum.

I have examples; but, of course you already knew that. In the span of just four weeks my cerebrum felt the force of technology hitting at my zenith—imagine a Milky Way starburst!

Like a client’s CD and Stick I must adjust to my photography software; Word Press updates; new droid Smartphone; led by techno-savvy Lukas at Newsgrape added my blog; new homepage created (with help); words like spam and widgets and gadgets… There’s more, but I just… Oops, did I mention promoting my novel “Those Who Came Before” on social media?

Change is never easy, yet My Imaginings are worthy of my best efforts. Observe: “…The cerebrum sits at the topmost part of the brain and is the source of intellectual activities. It holds memories, allows us to plan, enables us to imagine and think. [Citation: National Institute of Neurological Disorders & Stroke]