The word VOTE means to take part in an election; in a ballot; to choose; to make your choice; etc. “I already know this…” you may chime in at this point and you’d be right. But, that isn’t why I’m blogging about the value of your youthful vote.

PLEASE, I ask of all of you at the “Youthful” stage of life to value the privilege of voting; at whatever level in every country on Earth. The word privilege means freedom, opportunity, benefit, honor and joy.

As an assemblage, take this privilege and make use of ALL social media criterion to encourage one another to vote for their future and help us heal from our past!

And, oh yes, I’m VERY aware that not everyone on Earth has the “lawful” right to vote. But I say to you to vote anyway: in your mind. Then assign that vote to your soul. For, it is there, I believe, your YOUTHFUL VOTE will be stored in the ether of the future of mankind!


In the heart of myself I ask this question: “Where is my Church of Place?

The God in each of us speaks many languages, holds many traditions and hears many voices that call to Him in their joy and sorrow. There are and always have been wars fought in the name of ideology. Yet, ne’er a whisper it was ever about God! So, I ask myself: “Now why is that?”

The question that rises immediately from the impossible to explain: “Why would we fight against the THAT that is US?”

Whatever and wherever Church of Place is for each of us, let us pray that God’s Prayers will always cover the whole of mankind.