agatha workingAGATHA CHRISTIE

Title and first paragraph below from The Agatha Christie Mystery Collection.

“…I sometimes wonder how things would have gone if I’d noticed at the time just that one essential detail that I never appreciated until so many years afterwards. If I had noticed it—well, I suppose the course of three lives would have been entirely altered. Somehow—that’s a very frightening thought.”

It was late at night and I couldn’t get to sleep so I grabbed one of Christie’s books and randomly opened to the page noted in the above paragraph. An irony, don’t you think, of how many ways our life lessons materialize; well at least until we learn them. I’ve assessed singular essential details throughout my years and like Christie writes: “I never appreciated until so many years afterwards.”

It is a frightening thought of how we impact others; with and without our awareness.

Life Lessons

June 22, 2011 – Lessons since my last blog!

{DISCLAIMER: I list but a few lessons lest readers ‘drift off’ into their own!}

Over the past several months, my mother showed up from the ether of the afterlife. She came to set me free from something I didn’t know I was doing. The irony is that during her lifetime I tried to set her free from depression. This feels like a mother bird (in both cases) that sits on her eggs until they hatch and are freed to fly on their own.

Our past is NEVER passed. It reverberates like the beat of a drum in rhythm with our anger and our healing.

Illness (mine, minor but long-lasting) can strike without notice or permission and, aging is an acquired taste.

Two younglings (ages five and two) came to enlighten our home and remind us to live in the moment.

The truth is we all have the right to love and be loved! This lesson is not new to me—just more important in how I will live the rest of my life knowing it.

When I find myself in this breathing space, I go through my journals (age 12 and forward). A reminder of the other lessons I’ve learned and some I still ponder.

As I write this blog, Dahlia, no longer a puppy sleeps beside my chair. She is at total peace with our time together.

My hope is that our time together is also in the peace of this moment.