“Heartbreak is a Legacy or Perhaps…”

Janet's logo textA long time ago I was told, compassionately, that sometimes heartbreak will live within us for a lifetime. I accept this premise, yet when heartbreak becomes legacy, well that’s a horse of a different color.

Our first heartbreak is as we leave the caretaking of a mother’s womb and progresses from there: but the form it takes differs for each of us. Therefore, if heartbreak is truly a given why should we care about IT?

We should care because when heartbreak rules our persona—and doesn’t just stand as a lesson learned—we become THE HEARBREAK and that legacy keeps us from living a perhaps life. Perhaps had this or that heartbreak not made me—go ahead, list your justifications here.   

Heartbreak is both adversary and ally and we ought to choose how or if it presides over life.



This picture is how I remember President John F. Kennedy: Assassinated November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas.

That day I’d just returned from lunch to the FBI Offices in downtown Denver. I was a stenographer there. Inside it was disbelief and we kept saying: NO. NO. NO and then I cried and then we got to work. The FBI Agents scrambled to talk with informants and to make sense of something so out of character for America. It was a deep loss for Kennedy’s family but a lifetime loss of the sense of a secure America. We dialed home to be certain our families were not in harm’s way and I wept!

No one truly knows what Kennedy’s legacy would have been; nor that of his brother Robert Kennedy; also assassinated. Looking back in the Mirror of Time I see a reflection of what might have been and what is. This is why I wept…even to this day.