“What is NEED and what is WANT?…”


NEED: Honestly speaking we need health and to be valued because we live! On an emotional level we need love and touch and peace. On a practical level we need a roof over our head and friends and food and laughter.

WANT: The want segment of our essence I’ve come to know is the longer road with its curves and accidents meant to awaken us from the sleep of non-awareness.

I’ve traveled many roads and looking back realized I missed the signs warning me to turn around—trouble ahead!

But today I see it this way: The two-lane road we each negotiate is both Need and Want. Then again we can only traverse one road at a time in quest of fuel for our essence. So where might we find this fuel I speak of? Perhaps at “The Awareness Pump” of the choice we are just about to make.


August 9, 2010 Words like tradition, custom and ritual, as words alone matter not, really. Yet, in our twilight, the memories which inhabit these words matter more than we care to say. When aware, we understand their value at the time of their creation. If not, they are but lost moments cast to the winds of time. There are two boys, both sixteen; also, three girls, thirteen, twelve and eight. Their names matter to us, we the family that love who they are. Each year they arrive with suitcases and snacks and swimming suits and agendas and the potential to create memories for their twilight. There are late nights, as if to devour all they can of their time together. They consume refrigerators of food and drinks and talk and laugh and run up and down the stairs and play video games and each sits affixed to their own laptop computer screens. Some are active and others a bit calmer. There are tears and a few questions, of an adult, as to who is right and “…why can’t we just play the game this way?”  Clothes are strewn about bedrooms although where the girls sleep it smells like newly-purchased body spray. The boy’s area, well it’s just flat out a ‘boy smell.’ For the most part, the adults allow free reign until a sleepy-eyed ‘grump’ is escorted to bed. None of the five in our presence express what custom or ritual they will remember most. But every year, so far, they ask, “What month will we do this next year?” Now that is a tradition I can get my arms around!