typewriter_legswtypewriter_sample_img_2INTENTION/Synonyms: Purpose; Aim; Intent; Objective. Also, like all words, Intention has an antonym: Withhold.

I’ve wondered about the word Intention since I first heard it spoken. The word itself has an element of mystery and neutrality. Yet, it is anything but!

For example: WHAT IF there were an outcome attached to each intention we think or speak; being aware of it or not?  

Mother Earth, our Sisters and Brothers, the Milky Way Galaxy and all intentions beyond our understanding of time and space… matter! We have Intention or Withhold: which are we?


The word VOTE means to take part in an election; in a ballot; to choose; to make your choice; etc. “I already know this…” you may chime in at this point and you’d be right. But, that isn’t why I’m blogging about the value of your youthful vote.

PLEASE, I ask of all of you at the “Youthful” stage of life to value the privilege of voting; at whatever level in every country on Earth. The word privilege means freedom, opportunity, benefit, honor and joy.

As an assemblage, take this privilege and make use of ALL social media criterion to encourage one another to vote for their future and help us heal from our past!

And, oh yes, I’m VERY aware that not everyone on Earth has the “lawful” right to vote. But I say to you to vote anyway: in your mind. Then assign that vote to your soul. For, it is there, I believe, your YOUTHFUL VOTE will be stored in the ether of the future of mankind!

The Pathway of Our Intention

I marvel, after-the-fact, at how my life continually changed direction; yet somehow ultimately led me to the path I was born to travel. We don’t recognize any pathway in our youth or middle years because we’re distracted by the hills and bumps and off-ramps we take; unwittingly. Nevertheless there comes a moment in life that we pause to look around and fearless, step onto the pathway of our intention.

To do so isn’t easy or obvious. But, it is rewarding when we meet ourselves unintended on the passageway engraved with our name. Was recognizing my footpath easy? Absolutely not! It required me to find: my voice, my joys and my dreams. It also required me to let go of my sorrows and resentments. But once I recognized my path, I silently promised, “I’m here, take me where you might.”

What is your intention? Where is your voice? Do you have dreams, yet unfulfilled? What brings joy to your being? Can you forgive? I place these questions here, not so you must answer them, but so you will live them. In this way the pathway to your intention will divulge its location.