608-01089371FAITH THE WORD: Trust, Conviction, Devotion and Dedication.

BELIEF THE WORD: Confidence, Certainty, Credence and Principle.

WORDS only but shape-shifter words we use to make our case for… Well for whatever WE want others to dedicate THEIR lives to: an observable reality endured throughout humankind’s history.

SO, like grape vines, we entangle Faith and Belief and await their grapes to be the full-bodied wines of our intent.

WINEMAKING in barrels of Faith and/or Belief can have a profound effect on humankind so select your grapes carefully.


typewriter_legswtypewriter_sample_img_2In dream sleep, this question floated into the creative space that is my thoughts. You have them too… when a thought wafts past and you mean to grasp for it. But the baby cries; cell phones ring; late for work; teenagers; anger… So, I wondered, which is the illusion—the moment thought or the distraction?

As we grow—in all forms—we tend to sketch our plan but exclude its intent. We learn that what we thought was our life, really isn’t; but we hold onto the false impression anyway. We become committed to the illusion and forgo our potential.

The word illusion means deception, appearance, chimera, trickery. So, what should we grasp for: the crying baby or a wafting thought? I believe both or we are the illusion!



GeeseFormationHere is what WOULD happen if humankind were to fly, like migratory birds, in V-Formation (sometimes called a skein): We would greatly boost the effectiveness of understanding our common flight; all of us would utilize the up-wash of those who came before us; sometimes we’d rest on the rising air, and with intent, we would rotate in a cyclical fashion to spread life fatigue equally.

And, during millennia of lingering, drifting and shifting impairment kept in formation by greed, humankind would evoke the skein that is the core of awareness: our collective soul!