typewriter_legswtypewriter_sample_img_2INSIGHT: We all hope we have it. IT that keeps us protected by using our five senses: vision, hearing, smell, taste and touch. But the REAL question is: Are my five wits always firing? I would love to think so; but I’d be fooling myself.

In my mind’s eye I think all five senses surely fire when shock takes hold… You know: war or despots or disaster or hatred or poverty or inhumanity or… You add your own list here.

To ask the question of whether or not Insight is Given or Acquired is like asking someone: “Do you know what your future holds?”  Yet, if we were to invite this query into our consciousness—in any given moment—we just might have the first sensitivity of how to salvage ourselves. It is then, using our five senses, we just might be able to lend a hand to humankind.

A Lone Wolf

August 16, 2010 A “Lone Wolf”… An adage, saying, truism or cliché; like a lone rose clings to its branch when winter’s first snowflakes coat its petals.

You may never have seen a lone wolf, but you have experienced being one: when a teenager, first-time mother/father, lost in an illness or addiction or anger or terrorism or denial? In the wild, wolves live in nuclear families; like us. Their social behavior, like most creatures on earth, is well-documented; also like us. It’s just that we humans seem to need a lifetime-sometimes longer-to translate the volumes of insightful analysis from knowledge to knowing. We each accomplish ‘knowing’ as a lone wolf in search of our nucleus.