typewriter_legswtypewriter_sample_img_2INSIGHT: We all hope we have it. IT that keeps us protected by using our five senses: vision, hearing, smell, taste and touch. But the REAL question is: Are my five wits always firing? I would love to think so; but I’d be fooling myself.

In my mind’s eye I think all five senses surely fire when shock takes hold… You know: war or despots or disaster or hatred or poverty or inhumanity or… You add your own list here.

To ask the question of whether or not Insight is Given or Acquired is like asking someone: “Do you know what your future holds?”  Yet, if we were to invite this query into our consciousness—in any given moment—we just might have the first sensitivity of how to salvage ourselves. It is then, using our five senses, we just might be able to lend a hand to humankind.

Tears for Humanity

November 18, 2010 – Typically I know exactly what I’ll write when I begin my blog. But today; well I just don’t know what will reach my fingertips as they hit the letters on the keyboard. I guess mostly I’m down—not down-and-out, just down. I see our world, as I know it, crumble like a cookie that I begin to eat at its outside edges until I reach its core; that I consume without thought. The outside edges are what enticed me but it was the core that consumed me. And, I didn’t care how bad the cookie was for me; well until it was too late.

Having been fortunate enough to travel our country and countries around the world, I know at my core level that some things are innately wrong when it comes to the treatment of humanity by despots and one mankind to another. I didn’t learn this lesson in a book.  I learned it when I looked in the humanness that lay in the eye of my fellow man.

I ask myself, ‘So Janet, are you down-and-out or just down?’ I really can’t answer that question because as I write my blog I realize I am deeply hurt by what I see and my tears blur the screen.