“What Are We Truthfully Killing?…”

quill-1Here are a few that come immediately to mind: One Another; Our Thoughts; Our History; Our Beliefs; Our Humanity; Our Purpose; Our Natural World, and Our Stories.

You may ask me why I even ask such a question that has so many distinctive reasons for but even one entry on my list. I do this because whether we know it or not, we each submit to the ultimate carnage.

elephantI have an example; simple yet so complex. It takes place in the Serengeti; an ecosystem in the geographical region in Africa located north of Tanzania that is 12,000 square miles. I bring you here for the elephants; a Keystone Species to the Serengeti. Keystone is a word that means foundation.

Elephants on the Serengeti eat 350 pounds of food a day. If elephants did not drop their digested foodstuff there would be no fertilization for the grasslands to grow. If that were to happen, it would change and ultimately destroy the Serengeti and all its inhabitants as we know it today.

I conclude from this that all FOUNDATIONS on our Earth matter! So I ask again: “What Are We Truthfully Killing?”  

“I’ve Got Your Back…”

I've got your back

First, I ask this question: “DO WE?”

I studied, for a bit, to find the origin of this truism: “I’ve got your back!” There were both opposite and parallel explanations but no source swore as to the timing or reason or intent of this particular saying. There were military implications and a kind of promise implied; but really no absolute to quantify “I’ve got your back.”

This cultural truism is now on T-Shirts and proclaimed as easily as “What’s Up?” Well, actually that also may be outdated.   

My point is as humanity begins to question, well anything, we begin to look over our shoulders to consider who might actually have our back—an uneasiness that requires us to close ranks with those proven to have our backs.

When humanity is forced to change, so is all that is connected to them. Example: The voices of governments who repeatedly proclaim: “We’ve got your back.” Maybe they’re unaware the slogan is only on T-Shirts these days.

“Evolve or Shape-Shift Through Life…”

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Evolve is a word that means to make progress or go forward or change. Humankind—dare I imply Mother Earth herself—has endowed humanity with Earth Pathways we are free to follow or to take no notice of. But, as usual, danger and/or reward are always just around that next change in direction.

As I write this I’m remembering the Earth Pathways that shaped my humankind progress. Many evolved over time; the pathways were a climb; a bit bumpy, yet ultimately smoothed out. Others, well others were shape-shifted without my permission; even life-threatening. So, how might my experiences help you?

Well—first and foremost—at all times when stepping onto Earth’s Pathways be fully aware of your intention for doing so. Yet, intention is never absolutely alone on whatever pathway we ultimately choose. That unseen shape-shifter—devoid of our vigilance—obscures the light that is our invitation to try again.


typewriter_legswtypewriter_sample_img_2When I’m not writing my blog I’m writing for clients; well, and myself too. Yet, at the same time I’m picking up words that seem to stick to my Consciousness until they are shared.

Examples: Social is a word that means communal. Consciousness means awareness. One precedes the other but they are nothing unless together.

We humankind are, for the most part, communal. For the most part we humankind have an awareness or perception if you will, of ourselves and others.

I foresee that WE are nothing; well, unless together as a collective awareness of humanity!



 We are the centerpiece of the tables of life! So, how is it that the chairs of multiplicity that surround our tables now withdraw into the squabbling of disconnection? Either we are sisters or we are not—a truth that takes into account our differences and our innate ability to survive in a changeling world.

Please my sisters of the many hues in the after-rain skies that reign over our homes remember we are one at the table of humanity. Come, visit and stay awhile. I’ll hear your story and you can hear mine.

Life’s table is naught without you… and me!

Voices Swept Away in the Winds of Time

SHADOWS OF HUMANITY {Article first published as Shadows of Humanity on Technorati}

Inside the specter that is human life is where we are the most visible. Like tree branches in winter, we cast shadows of who we will become in our spring. Photographer Ansel Adams said: “We live in the shadows.” Personally, I love the shadows for it is there I find solace, moments to contemplate my world and Creation. You do this also, although you may not use the same words to describe it.

Each of us, given social media, expert speak, and on-the-spot news in any language, is ever more aware of the pitfalls that exist in our physical world. There is so much to grasp, sort through, wonder about and datum surround us in white noise. Where do we begin? Can we make sense of it all? How scared am I? What’s next? Ah, and that is just our physical world.

Each of us, given the same aforementioned information, glimpse only shadows of what this all means to our individual lives and that of the people in our six degrees of separation. It overpowers our thoughts and leaves us less able to act on any specific issue. In my more lucid moments, I realize my voice is being swept away in the winds of time, along with yours, and yours and yours…

We look to the governments of the world to handle the “big stuff.” That isn’t always satisfactory either—so many power agendas, elections on the horizon, anarchy, greed, hatred and infighting.

Now that I’ve completely depressed you, well maybe myself, I want you to know I do have hope. No, I am not an optimist nor am I a pessimist. I am a human being living in a complex world alongside my sisters and brothers. THIS is our hope—one another.

Ansel Adams also said: “A photograph is usually looked at – seldom looked into.” At this moment in our history, each of us is pictured in this photograph: look closely! We can no longer hang in the shadows of unawareness.