“Destruction: By Self or By…”

Janet's project 1 copyThere are only unsympathetic synonyms listed for the word Destruction. I take for granted this is due to humankind’s experience—throughout time—of the word itself. So, you may ask, why should I care about the WORD DESTRUCTION? It is, isn’t it, just a word for heaven’s sake?

Well, if we’ve been hanging around Mother Earth for any time at all, we’ve experienced destruction to our psyche due to: wars: religion; poverty; hatred; cover-ups; family; hunger; fear; health; greed; death of those we love; power, and our own self-destruction.

It is honestly Destruction by Self that is at the depth of my sorrow for humankind. This loss is the hardest to tolerate—while it happens and forever afterwards. Of course, there are specialists who treat and can help; also if allowed. There is prayer. But, thus far, you and I were not endowed with an ability to save another if they are dedicated to self-destruction.

Save is a word that means to set aside. Perhaps we should set aside the act to save another until we have rescued ourselves.  

“What is NEED and what is WANT?…”


NEED: Honestly speaking we need health and to be valued because we live! On an emotional level we need love and touch and peace. On a practical level we need a roof over our head and friends and food and laughter.

WANT: The want segment of our essence I’ve come to know is the longer road with its curves and accidents meant to awaken us from the sleep of non-awareness.

I’ve traveled many roads and looking back realized I missed the signs warning me to turn around—trouble ahead!

But today I see it this way: The two-lane road we each negotiate is both Need and Want. Then again we can only traverse one road at a time in quest of fuel for our essence. So where might we find this fuel I speak of? Perhaps at “The Awareness Pump” of the choice we are just about to make.


_done_0415npoledebris_900I was out walking this morning and saw a snake in the grass… OOPS that reference to politicians just slipped out…

As I was saying: I was out walking this morning—there really was a snake—and the thought crossed my mind how earth’s gravity keeps me from shooting off: who knows where to? This thought led to the question: “What does the name EARTH mean?” You know the one that keeps us all grounded.

EARTH has different names; however a common thread in all languages was derived from the same meaning in their origins: ground or soil.

Genesis 1:1 as a statement that the cosmos had an absolute beginning (In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth…)

Earth is the only planet in the Solar System with plate tectonics and consists of land, air, water and life.

Maybe walking isn’t good for my health after all? Oh Earth still grounds me—but to what?

We the People are living through a large-scale shooting off and none of us know where to.

My Sisters, I Hear You!


MY SISTERS, I HEAR YOU! {Article first published as My Sisters, I Hear You on Technorati.}

NO, this is not about women and their right to vote; although it may weave its way through the dialogue. It is, instead, about female voices made wordless through: population and families, health, education, work, power and decision-making, violence, environment and poverty. Ah, you say, but these are our sisters elsewhere. May I suggest, social media created a world where elsewhere is now knocking on our front door.

Why, you may ask, did I step onto my soapbox to run for this unsolicited, perhaps uninvited, position? It happened at our local grocery store. A young mother of two pushes a cart, her four-year-old daughter is in the cart, her six-year-old son stands nearby his father who yells at the boy, “…shut up or you’ll get it!” The mother, seeing my reaction, lowers her head. He asks, harshly, “Which of these do you want?” She lifts her head, does not make eye contact, and responds softly, “Get the one you want.” I get a knot in the pit of my stomach and follow them down a second aisle. My hope is the man will leave so I can give my sister the name of a safe house to call. The opportunity never presents itself.

This is a female reality, isn’t it? We want to help our sisters, but how can we without causing them more harm? My platform doesn’t address this issue because I have no proposal. So I vote for all those professional organizations that study and learn how to approach the violence that is perpetrated on women every second of every day.

There are bright spots that I can present to board rooms, some run by women, as my campaign pushes towards that all-important vote. So, not all is lost. Yet, when I shop at my local grocery store, I still look for my sister.