WHAT IF Earths-Inner-Core-has-an-Inner-Core-of-its-Own-700x325GOD IS & SATAN IS?

This is not a religious question that I ask because each of us knows our faith in countless diversity. As well, centuries of wars are still being fought over religion in order to establish which of humankind GOD favors more. So this then leads me to ask: where is Satan and Lucifer, the leader of the fallen angels, in this holocaust? I imagine in good spirits as they observe the limitless human race move violently to declare and/or rescue our essence.

We humankind—at our nativity—receives a gift in the form of free will. This CHOICE allows us to decide on or prefer—and I presume not always reflect on—the impact our transactions may or will have on others. Then there is our own soul to consider: our genuine core. And always there is death and none are given their day or time or reason. So our life story is written in each second that we take a breath without knowing if after that another will follow.

Some say they have seen the after-life and I cannot deny their claims. For what is truth for one is not truth for another. Perhaps that is why we humankind continue to hate what we cannot believe and why wars are fought to force belief on others. We are, after all, human beings searching for truth; but my question is: Whose?



My computer’s English Thesaurus has no less than seventeen synonyms for the word LOVE. But, surprisingly it has only one antonym—HATE. Does this irony interest you as much as me?

The American singer Tina Turner sang it best: “Oh what’s love got to do got to do with it… Who needs a heart when a heart can be broken?”

Tina asked the right questions—especially now in our world that at its outer rims seems to be disintegrating into a chaos of greed and its counterpart—hatred. I look into my heartfelt place from time-to-time and am I surprised at what I find there: absolutely! So, as Tina sings… “I’ve been taking on a new direction. But I have to say: I’ve been thinking about my own protection. It scares me to feel this way.”

Love is scary because it exposes our deepest selves; may be rejected; may be used against us, and in fact not be seen at all.

So my sisters and brothers of our planet, whether or not we are free to express our love for one another openly, we are always free to feel that love. And in this case, God sees your intent. Can there be any bigger blessing?