Mother Earth, I presume, is like mother’s everywhere: kind; angry; unhappy; wise; devoted; uncertain; loving; mean; confused; scared, sober and addicted—like all of us really.

Mother Earth expresses her power and weakness as do we. But she is additionally afflicted with earth’s junk: the man-created kind that orbits just above our breathing atmosphere. Junk that is intended to learn from or to spy on others and is said to be threatening Mother Earth’s orbital environment.

I didn’t want to go there, Mother Earth, because it humbles me to think of that power being toyed with. I’m just not that brave. Yet here I am and here is what I see in the space junk…

  • Jihad – a relentless campaign against somebody or something – like all the religious conflicts throughout Mother Earth’s orbit.
  • Greed – insatiability, materialism and craving – where I want something I didn’t earn.
  • Hatred – extreme dislike – where I rage against something I’m not willing to learn about.
  • Prejudice – narrow-mindedness – how can I broaden the narrowness that is, at this moment, my certainty?
  • Love – feel affection for – yes there are people I love, but what about Mother Earth? She that literally keeps me grounded and gives me the air I breathe.

I think we are asking all the wrong questions because our questions are asked inside the prism of each of the above prejudices. I think the question to ask is: Mother Earth, you are now physically erupting on each continent in your flight path and I ask: “Might this be our Global Warning!