typewriter_legswtypewriter_sample_img_2To look for the reasons WHY inside a revolutionary mind is like looking into the universe thinking we see it clearly. We can never know the exact point where any mind turns from what is customary to what is lethal.

And what We The People thought was solid ground beneath our freedoms is now falling into a deep abyss of the few stealing from the majority what used to be our peace of mind.

The formative years for our children (our youth) is fodder to twist for the good of our country or for its destruction. History confirms it is possible to indoctrinate and bully OUR youth into carrying out the unimaginable on behalf of manipulative heretics.

Yes, we must deal with those whose minds already hemorrhage with hatred. Yet, I would much prefer that our country begin to wonder OUT LOUD… “What can I do to remove inbred prejudice from my own life so the youth I touch cannot catch even a flicker of it?


The 14th Amendment, ratified in 1868, grants to “…all persons born or naturalized in the U.S. and subject to the jurisdiction thereof… In other words, all babies born in America are automatically Americans; granted ALL of our hard-fought rights. Currently the practice is middle-class women from China; in droves. This, well, I can’t imagine China turns its powerful head and says… “Oh do whatever you want.” Nope! Maybe, instead, without ever drawing a Dao Sword (in English often called a broadsword) these babies, as they mature can bring any parental representative into America. Oh, how about when their old enough to vote?

I wanna know what love is. I want you to show me.

It didn’t pass – the results in the U.S. Senate: 61 against and 38 to ratify a United Nations Convention on the rights of Persons with Disabilities. The treaty would have surrendered U.S. sovereignty to unelected UN bureaucrats and would threaten parental control over children with disabilities. Our nation already has laws to protect disabled Americans. Still, how did this even make it out of Senate Committee let alone 38 U.S. senators voting for it. Wasn’t it Hitler who quantified a certain sect of peoples who didn’t mesh with what he coined his master race.

I wanna know what love is. I want you to show me.


Sometimes a word jumps off the page or distracts me like a flashing neon sign—Warfare in this case. For this blog I chose the definition of warfare as bad blood since it runs deep in the traditions and memories of mankind and inborn or not, is repeated and causes great damage.

Scholars have written much about the rationale, distress, consequences and true cost to mankind of warfare. But, has it taught us anything?

The ships of old did not only deliver immigrants to our shores, they delivered centuries of prejudice. Yet America’s industrial growth depended upon them so every American came together to create and hold onto a universal freedom and democracy promised by the image of The Statue of Liberty – Liberty Enlightening the World – a gift from the People of France to the People of the United States, October 1886.

You may think that was then and this is now. But look around at our America today—oh we are so in Warfare: black & white & brown; women’s rights; senate & house, outsourcing & job loss; union & non-union; federal vs. state; religious intolerance; immigration anxiety; courts vs. individuals; education; marriage rights; rich or poor; middle class in jeopardy; rage; hatred; fear; greed… I cannot go on!

We Americans are in a revolution of prejudicial thought and are the only ones who individually and collectively can once again show Liberty Enlightening the World by making the most of OUR hard fought freedoms.

The Web of Silence

February 15, 2011 THE WEB OF SILENCE {Article first published as The Web of Silence on Technorati}

It lasts much longer than a foolish insect, unaware a soundless Black Widow awaits, until it flies into the stickiness that is her web of capture. For humans, it takes centuries before an attempt is made to tear the web of silence apart. Like the insect, we also struggle with the gooey web, pull against its strength and challenge its sheer size. But, being human we also push back against generations of fear-driven life to unearth the sovereignty of our soul—the conjoined right-to-be-heard in a quest for free will.

In the naivety of my youth, I seldom thought beyond my own freedoms. It is now, as the voices of humanity decry the silences of the past, that I unite my hope with theirs for a better world. Still, no longer naïve, I acknowledge that my self-determination and that of others is wholeheartedly different; be it: age, belief, language, ethnicity, politics, locale, hatred, lifestyle or fast-paced social media.

I recently saw the movie “The King’s Speech,” and, if the award nominations are any indication, so did millions of others. There is a scene in the movie that led me to write what you read now. It is when King George VI of England finally breaks the web of silence from his unfortunate childhood and screams at Lionel Logue, his eccentric speech therapist, “…cuz I have a voice!”

Each of us has a voice, like our Italian sisters who protest against Premier Berlusconi because they are humiliated by… (Readers: you fill in the reasons why the women of our world are so dishonored.) During the time it takes our earth to turn on its axis, one more silenced voice begins to whisper, then to speak and finally to scream. As a result, and no matter what, each of us will fly into that sticky web that is the future of humanity and no one is exempt from its outcome.