“Maternal Tapestry” That Which Is Or…”


Maternal is a word that reveals itself in actions and Tapestry is the interweaving of its consequences. There are women who weave with an artistry that is life itself and others who lose a thread here and there weakening the embroidery over time.

Women of the World—from time itself—entwined in the stillness of their Maternal Tapestry to guide and teach and love and train and pray for those of their womb. Their tapestry sewn tight into the yet unborn and each stitch after birth intended.

Yet, we still have wars and we still hate and we still throb to control and those in the womb must surely feel this energy. And yes, some Maternal Tapestry still exists in the voices allowed to speak; but even they are growing quiet.

My question is this: “If the current voices in the Cosmos of Maternal Tapestry should be silenced by fear or ignorance of its import—who then would become the Maternal Tapestry Storytellers of our future?”


Janet's logo textFreedom is a cherished place we each embrace in the everyday that is life. Yet, we also caress freedom as it slips away in the unawareness that is also the everyday of life. Freedom is not an apparition: it is a right given us by graveyard markers the world over.

Fear, on the other hand, is the anxiety created by change that paints our front doors with a color not of our choosing. It’s recognizable by chaos and mistrust and a free-for-all. History doles out this observable truth enacted by humankind.

Freedom is choice. Free will. Liberty. Self-determination.

Fear is ours to defeat.


Deep on the inside of life is a place I go to from time-to-time. It’s a place where I leave behind, and in due course find, MYSELF. I enter this place whenever I’m uncertain about my future, that of our country and our world: Like Now! We are inundated with media of every variety and op-ed opinions that tell us what we should think. This irks me, but what angers me and forces me deep underground, experts who tell me how to believe. My life experience educated me that most of earth’s inhabitants lean toward the median of life; yet are oftentimes forced to the outer limits by fear and its persuasions.

I see my brothers and sisters (my family and yours) suffer the consequences of “I’m right, you’re wrong” mentality. I’ve come to the point that I only believe what is happening all around me, for it is there that I find the authentic life of humanity. Hatred spews, in all its forms: greed; political affairs; on the breadlines; religions; despots that try to rule the human soul; moneyed;  prejudice; unrest; youth seeking a new life; corruption; our planet… I can’t go on! I sense myself falling back into the abyss.

For all who suffer as our world readjusts, I offer only a word: HOPE. The English Thesaurus defines HOPE as: trust, anticipate, optimism, faith, desire, expectation, plan, wish. Feel these descriptors as the intention of the word HOPE. It is always within this intention that I ultimately come back to MYSELF. So, like standing in front of a mirror, I have an opportunity each moment to reflect HOPE back onto the world we all share…Janet