MysteryLOGOMystery is a word that means secrecy or anonymous or the whodunit thrillers of life. Thoughtful of these descriptors brought to mind how real life imitates the anonymous secrecy of those whodunits that influenced humankind from time immemorial.

Most whodunits—already in the annals of history—are revealed for how they fashioned our Earth. Those interested in these whodunits certainly realize the affect our past has on our future. Those denied access to knowledge or unaware of its impact on their future know not the secrecy.

Yet Generational Storytellers—from time immemorial—have foretold of futures set to repeat their past. It’s A Mystery!


_done_0415npoledebris_900I was out walking this morning and saw a snake in the grass… OOPS that reference to politicians just slipped out…

As I was saying: I was out walking this morning—there really was a snake—and the thought crossed my mind how earth’s gravity keeps me from shooting off: who knows where to? This thought led to the question: “What does the name EARTH mean?” You know the one that keeps us all grounded.

EARTH has different names; however a common thread in all languages was derived from the same meaning in their origins: ground or soil.

Genesis 1:1 as a statement that the cosmos had an absolute beginning (In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth…)

Earth is the only planet in the Solar System with plate tectonics and consists of land, air, water and life.

Maybe walking isn’t good for my health after all? Oh Earth still grounds me—but to what?

We the People are living through a large-scale shooting off and none of us know where to.


typewriter_legswtypewriter_sample_img_2The word MIDDLE means equally distant from the extremes.

The word GROUND means the basis for something.

I’m awake—as I’ve never been before—to the thought that Humankind’s Earth is our only remaining Collective Middle Ground. Yet, I cannot say with certainty that this premise is entirely true. Remember the story of the “Pied Piper of Hamelin” hired to lure the rats away with his magic pipe?

History is littered with pied pipers who lead others to believe in something untrue or unreal or who made rash promises. Yet, We the People wake everyday and find a way to survive this magic pipe.

My thread—golden and hopeful—is a belief that We the People (in the stillness that is thought) can and do influence change on Earth.


typewriter_legswtypewriter_sample_img_2The Reader’s Digest Great Encyclopedia Dictionary provides seven possible definitions of the word: rhetoric. I picked number four: “…Affected and exaggerated display in the use of language.” I did this with intent as do those who overstate their stance on what ultimately affects We the People. Of course, I know the nature of rhetoric is to affect the minds of the listener but more than that—to sway We the People to segregate.

Rhetoric built every society on Earth and—if you eavesdropped in history class—it likewise destroyed sovereignty (independence).

Rhetoric also means the art of discourse—at home; at school; in church; laws; with neighbors; the Constitution; etc.—all seemingly in the clear. Well, until affected by an exaggerated display in the use of language that pigeonhole…We the People.


typewriter_legswtypewriter_sample_img_2I’m RUSHING; but, only on the inside. Today I paused and asked myself: “Toward what?”

Obsessed, I wonder… Has Earth picked up speed from some yet-to-be-identified phenomenon hidden in the Cosmos? Or, in the name POWERFUL it’s possible Earth’s sovereigns—and their politics—have forced an imbalance in accepted thinking. 

See! Here I go again! The possibilities are endless in “Rush to the What If’s of Life.”

So I wonder what is NOT rushed in life—laughter, dance, to sing, love, draw, read, create, pray, mature, children, rain, wind, birds, pets, rainbows, cry, assist, wilderness, oceans, trees, mementos, color, to write, night, day, snow, mountains, fish, memories, travel…

All I’ve forgotten on my list are now yours to add to slow “The Rush to Life.”


shuttle2AN ASTRONAUT: It was winter when he landed at Colorado State University—many years ago now—a Civil Engineer alumni. His title: Kent V. Rominger, Captain USN (now retired) & NASA Astronaut (former). In those days, to have a few NOT public moments with an astronaut was rare. I served as Kent’s—he insisted—usher during his campus visit. I asked: “So Kent, which is more thrilling for you: flying a jet off the deck of an aircraft carrier or piloting the NASA Columbia Shuttle?

Astronaut Rominger’s answer—as I mentioned—is NOT public. So, why bring this up at all? Because in many ways we emulate astronauts in that we must also calibrate and investigate our parameters in order to have the best chance of survival: they in outer space and we in Earth’s atmosphere.

A THOUGHT: Yes, there are those among us, like Rominger, who achieve great zeniths in an attempt to understand the unanswerable. And, we who never leave the gravitational pull of Earth also endeavor to understand. And also like the astronauts if we calculate wrongly there are consequences.

[Kent Rominger: Flew as pilot on STS-73 (1995), STS-80 (1996) and STS-85 (1997) and was crew commander on STS-96 (1999) and STS-100 (2001). A veteran of five space flights, Rominger logged over 1,600 hours in space. He also logged over 7,000 flying hours in over 35 types of aircraft and 685 carrier landings.]


typewriter_legswtypewriter_sample_img_2WONDER is a word that means: be unsure or marvel or doubt. These three descriptors seem at odds and yet identify the essence of the word Wonder. So I wonder: Was I then and am I now unsure of where I’ve been and where I’m headed?  I marvel at my accomplishment and also experience remorse for dreams blown away on hurricane winds. Yes, every choice I made came with doubt. But, if the truth be told, the choices I was too afraid to make I now mourn.

On our Earth, in the Year 2013, all humankind Wonder: How is it the foundation beneath what we thought were our Motherlands are war-torn in every sense of that word? The development of social media allows us access to on-the-spot heartbreak as we watch our sisters and brothers in doubt. It’s then—if the truth be told—the choices we were too afraid to make before we can either make now or forever mourn.


helixnebula-580x580What higher compliment is there than to SEE another person; a word that means: perceive, distinguish, grasp and understand.

We humans have five senses—Sight-Hear-Taste-Smell-Touch—always in play as we interact with every moment in the life we choose to see; or the life we are blind to.   

Charles Dickens in A Tale of Two Cities could see: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…it was the season of Light and it was the season of Darkness…” Maybe time is forever destined to be seen as conflicting.

But, there is a middle ground: Earth’s Equator where an imaginary line divides us into the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. At our equator there is one constant: twelve hours of day and night; in contrast to other parts of our world where the length of the day varies with the seasons. Maybe it is at this imaginary line where we might come to SEE one another.

OUR TIMES: To grasp and understand one another is as vital to our survival as is Earth’s Equator. Wherever my eyes are cast: “I See You—You Who Are Purpose!”



The word VOTE means to take part in an election; in a ballot; to choose; to make your choice; etc. “I already know this…” you may chime in at this point and you’d be right. But, that isn’t why I’m blogging about the value of your youthful vote.

PLEASE, I ask of all of you at the “Youthful” stage of life to value the privilege of voting; at whatever level in every country on Earth. The word privilege means freedom, opportunity, benefit, honor and joy.

As an assemblage, take this privilege and make use of ALL social media criterion to encourage one another to vote for their future and help us heal from our past!

And, oh yes, I’m VERY aware that not everyone on Earth has the “lawful” right to vote. But I say to you to vote anyway: in your mind. Then assign that vote to your soul. For, it is there, I believe, your YOUTHFUL VOTE will be stored in the ether of the future of mankind!


My computer’s English Thesaurus has no less than seventeen synonyms for the word LOVE. But, surprisingly it has only one antonym—HATE. Does this irony interest you as much as me?

The American singer Tina Turner sang it best: “Oh what’s love got to do got to do with it… Who needs a heart when a heart can be broken?”

Tina asked the right questions—especially now in our world that at its outer rims seems to be disintegrating into a chaos of greed and its counterpart—hatred. I look into my heartfelt place from time-to-time and am I surprised at what I find there: absolutely! So, as Tina sings… “I’ve been taking on a new direction. But I have to say: I’ve been thinking about my own protection. It scares me to feel this way.”

Love is scary because it exposes our deepest selves; may be rejected; may be used against us, and in fact not be seen at all.

So my sisters and brothers of our planet, whether or not we are free to express our love for one another openly, we are always free to feel that love. And in this case, God sees your intent. Can there be any bigger blessing?