typewriter_legswtypewriter_sample_img_2Our Bagherra is a substantial cat—older now—who thinks she IS the celebrated panther in The Jungle Book. In winter we find her near the heat register licking her shiny, coal-black fur. She doesn’t like it ruffled; ever! She has a few coffee-color marks on her chest; who knows from where in her family tree.

Bagherra’s favorite pose is a stretched-out body, head held high, with front paws crossed one over the other; no less regal than the stealth of any panther. She is a pound animal in more ways than one: large and fussy about her food and water; fresh, fresh, fresh and a full bowl, always! As a paranoid kitten she hid inside the wall insulation in the basement. Our remedy was to cover these holes with duct tape. Well, our basement was a room to just die for.

OKAY…NO! This is not another of those I love my cat stories; although I do. NO! It’s a story of growth: Bagherra’s and mine. It took our cat years to change: me too… I used insulation to shield my fears. I hid from life’s revelations. I watched who was friend or foe. I too sit closer to any warmth because my bones are older now.

Animals have instincts that are also ingrained in our DNA. The difference is they live it and we counter it thinking we know best.

“DNA – The Light & The Dark”

Wikipedia: DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) [at first discovered by James D. Watson and Francis Crick] containing the genetic instructions used in the development and functioning of all known living organisms (with the exception of RNA viruses)…

DNA, as described above, is, in my opinion, the LIGHT!

But, if you know my writings at all, you will know we will now take a leap from the luminous side of DNA to the mind-numbing. Let’s presume, just for sake of the game, there are people looking for their moment of fame by using the wonder of DNA to confirm they are (or are not) the biological father of a newborn. In this case there may be as many as five who take a DNA test to make available to the mother a father for her baby. Okay, I’ve laid enough underpinning.

Everyone claims social media is a forever thing; so might these children someday watch their mothers bartering for a father and their potential fathers jumping with joy when their DNA doesn’t match?  Some “caught” walk away and others say: “I’ll do right by this baby.” But do they? The foreseeable continues to happen and DNA can do nothing to stop it.

DNA not withstanding… I envision the Essence of God asking: “WHAT ABOUT MY CHILDREN?”