typewriter_legswtypewriter_sample_img_2WONDER is a word that means: be unsure or marvel or doubt. These three descriptors seem at odds and yet identify the essence of the word Wonder. So I wonder: Was I then and am I now unsure of where I’ve been and where I’m headed?  I marvel at my accomplishment and also experience remorse for dreams blown away on hurricane winds. Yes, every choice I made came with doubt. But, if the truth be told, the choices I was too afraid to make I now mourn.

On our Earth, in the Year 2013, all humankind Wonder: How is it the foundation beneath what we thought were our Motherlands are war-torn in every sense of that word? The development of social media allows us access to on-the-spot heartbreak as we watch our sisters and brothers in doubt. It’s then—if the truth be told—the choices we were too afraid to make before we can either make now or forever mourn.


typewriter_legswtypewriter_sample_img_2For centuries the Intended Thinkers: Aristotle, Plato, Plutarch, Cicero, etc. deliberated the polar opposites of being human by exploiting all qualified thought; and then some. You may ask: “And, I care about this why?”

My answer: Because you are a human and will—in each moment—come down on one side of an issue or the other: aware of the choice you are making or not! Examples: Virtue; Vice; Courage; Cowardice; Duty (knowing or doing); Moral; Immoral, etc. But the larger question for me is where do these choices come from? Are they inborn or taught or acquired?

Right now, in this moment, appreciating the complexity of being human is a place to start. And, whatever form it takes—grow into or develop into or befall—Intended Thinking may be the golden key to unlocking the salvation of humankind.


I don’t know why the heavens came to mind this morning that caused me to imagine a place known as: “The Ether of Souls.” I believe that all souls live in an afterlife place; but just this morning I wondered how can that be?

Might it be a place where each religion has a different soul-place separated by system of belief? Or perhaps by color or where you were born or who you were born to? Maybe dictated by your good or evil deeds on earth? Or how about gender or crippled by disease? What if all the souls who depart choose what they know instead of what could be learned?

Well, if our souls were to make the choices mentioned above, we might just as well leave them buried with their body here on earth. But God asks that the soul of every living thing remain with Him after their work here on earth is done. I just cannot imagine that God separates any of us here on earth or in His Ether of Souls!