“What is NEED and what is WANT?…”


NEED: Honestly speaking we need health and to be valued because we live! On an emotional level we need love and touch and peace. On a practical level we need a roof over our head and friends and food and laughter.

WANT: The want segment of our essence I’ve come to know is the longer road with its curves and accidents meant to awaken us from the sleep of non-awareness.

I’ve traveled many roads and looking back realized I missed the signs warning me to turn around—trouble ahead!

But today I see it this way: The two-lane road we each negotiate is both Need and Want. Then again we can only traverse one road at a time in quest of fuel for our essence. So where might we find this fuel I speak of? Perhaps at “The Awareness Pump” of the choice we are just about to make.


typewriter_legswtypewriter_sample_img_2When I’m not writing my blog I’m writing for clients; well, and myself too. Yet, at the same time I’m picking up words that seem to stick to my Consciousness until they are shared.

Examples: Social is a word that means communal. Consciousness means awareness. One precedes the other but they are nothing unless together.

We humankind are, for the most part, communal. For the most part we humankind have an awareness or perception if you will, of ourselves and others.

I foresee that WE are nothing; well, unless together as a collective awareness of humanity!



agatha workingAGATHA CHRISTIE

Title and first paragraph below from The Agatha Christie Mystery Collection.

“…I sometimes wonder how things would have gone if I’d noticed at the time just that one essential detail that I never appreciated until so many years afterwards. If I had noticed it—well, I suppose the course of three lives would have been entirely altered. Somehow—that’s a very frightening thought.”

It was late at night and I couldn’t get to sleep so I grabbed one of Christie’s books and randomly opened to the page noted in the above paragraph. An irony, don’t you think, of how many ways our life lessons materialize; well at least until we learn them. I’ve assessed singular essential details throughout my years and like Christie writes: “I never appreciated until so many years afterwards.”

It is a frightening thought of how we impact others; with and without our awareness.

Six Degrees of Separation

January 22, 2011 SIX DEGREES OF SEPARATION {Article first published as Six Degrees of Separation on Technorati.}

Many of us, those in the six-degrees-of-separation group for certain, know the term, and maybe even its premise. The doubters, you know who you are, say, “…an observation of some merit, but I’ve never seen it work in my life.” Others, like me, have surely rummaged around the internet (not always accurate but forever expedient) in search of a deeper understanding of this enigma.

I do credit the internet for this description: “Six degrees of separation is the theory that anyone on the planet can be connected to any other person on the planet through a chain of acquaintances that has no more than six intermediaries…”

Okay, so now I have a technical/researched explanation. I take a swig of my morning coffee followed by the last bite of raisin toast and resume my tour of cyberspace in search of sites that can further my knowledge of this hypothesis. A jumping-off place where I hope to meld theory with experience: something I call Janet’s Life! I donate an hour of my creative time until that not-so-quiet voice in my head tells me, “Your novel is…!”

That same evening, as I set the table for supper, an insight begins to bubble like the water that cooks our pasta: The only multiplier to this 6° phenomenon is to play a part in it.

My search is over. I have my answer: Our world is connected, be it by six degrees of separation or amongst those at our kitchen tables. Awareness: How I treat others is never separated from me by more than six degrees.