“Empathy or Understanding…”

willow for blogTo have empathy or to know understanding is The Question; well at least in my mind. Empathy typically hangs out with sympathy and compassion. Understanding has many more descriptors like perceptive, tolerant, aware, and discernment to name just a few. Discernment is an old-fashioned word meaning judgment and sensitivity and insightfulness; to also name a few.

Let us visit UNDERSTANDING: It expands when the hard knocks of life capture our attention. Some learn from the difficulties; whether they name it empathy or not. Others excuse their lack of empathy for themselves or others as a tool to deny their wounds.

Let us visit EMPATHY:  Is IT innate or do we gather it along life’s pathways? How might sympathy and compassion change things for the better? Must we allow it or are we required to call it up at moments of deep sorrow or understanding?

Ah… there is the rub! {Shakespeare’s Hamlet: By rub Hamlet means difficulty or obstacle.)