agatha workingAGATHA CHRISTIE

Title and first paragraph below from The Agatha Christie Mystery Collection.

“…I sometimes wonder how things would have gone if I’d noticed at the time just that one essential detail that I never appreciated until so many years afterwards. If I had noticed it—well, I suppose the course of three lives would have been entirely altered. Somehow—that’s a very frightening thought.”

It was late at night and I couldn’t get to sleep so I grabbed one of Christie’s books and randomly opened to the page noted in the above paragraph. An irony, don’t you think, of how many ways our life lessons materialize; well at least until we learn them. I’ve assessed singular essential details throughout my years and like Christie writes: “I never appreciated until so many years afterwards.”

It is a frightening thought of how we impact others; with and without our awareness.


typewriter_legswtypewriter_sample_img_2CHANGE – the word means alter, amend, revolutionize and transform. Ironically, these words are the same sequence we follow IN TIMES OF CHANGE?

For example: In this moment, because that is all we have, change happens with and without our permission. So, we don’t always authorize change, but are obligated by life to experience it.

Change has form: mental, physical, spiritual and even hatred for… You name the reasons why you hate because, after all, these are yours alone to amend or transform.

Dame Agatha Mary Clarissa Christie writes in her book Curtain: “…There is an evil disguised as an argument over differing opinions.”  Here then is the crux of the matter: EVIL exists disguised as CHANGE.

Be conscious – in the moment – and listen with your soul; Times Are Changing!


This blog title: “…Denial of Freedom” popped out at me in an Agatha Christie thriller set in World War II entitled: “N or M?” This happens to me from time-to-time: words that bend forward from a page in a book. What I’ve discovered is these words matter to me and I like sharing them with others. So, here we are—Agatha’s words and me.

                DENIAL: disclaimer, disagreement, defiance…

                                          FREEDOM: liberty, self-determination, sovereignty…

The irony of this particular phrase is that the meaning never changes. We experience the denial of freedom in the everydayness of our lives. We war with families; neighborhoods; cities; states; countries; politically and religiously. We unknowingly deny some freedoms in order to save others we love (or perhaps need?). I find this situation to be a true oxymoron: like “wise fool” or “legal murder.”

Yet, I still love this conundrum (mystery) of the human condition. For example, am I, even in this moment, effortlessly surrendering a freedom? I can’t answer my own question until later, when I…