Obituary Writers Assemble Essential Facts & Memories



Whether you have need of Guidance to Assemble Essential Facts & Memories and/or locate an Experienced Writer of Obituaries, I am here to assist YOU in either case!

I write for YOU at a time when your thoughts blend together memories and bereavement. A difficult task since each of us experience loss in myriad ways. 

The lure of Obituary is Genealogical History. The story of a life and not merely a  notice of a death. Essential obituary facts follow:

Essential Obituary Facts: Announcement of Death;  Biographical Sketch; Family; Funeral Directives; Service Times; Special Messages, and Photographs.


Short Illustration: As Eda grew so did her name. She was daughter, sister, nurse, wife, aunt and friend. Eda was born in Crested Butte, Colorado in   August 1911. Her family were miners who emigrated from Italy… After high school Eda attended nurses training in Trinidad at Mt. San Raphael Hospital; graduating June 1934. She served as private-duty nurse, general nursing at the hospital and public health nurse. Whatever was needed… Eda met John, her future husband, just before he was drafted to serve in WWII. John served in England and on D-Day….. Eda is survived by….. In telling her story Eda said: “I got scared most of my time in nursing. I wanted to save everybody and was sad when I couldn’t.”

So, we might ask, “What’s In A Life Anyway?”