My Sisters, I Hear You!


MY SISTERS, I HEAR YOU! {Article first published as My Sisters, I Hear You on Technorati.}

NO, this is not about women and their right to vote; although it may weave its way through the dialogue. It is, instead, about female voices made wordless through: population and families, health, education, work, power and decision-making, violence, environment and poverty. Ah, you say, but these are our sisters elsewhere. May I suggest, social media created a world where elsewhere is now knocking on our front door.

Why, you may ask, did I step onto my soapbox to run for this unsolicited, perhaps uninvited, position? It happened at our local grocery store. A young mother of two pushes a cart, her four-year-old daughter is in the cart, her six-year-old son stands nearby his father who yells at the boy, “…shut up or you’ll get it!” The mother, seeing my reaction, lowers her head. He asks, harshly, “Which of these do you want?” She lifts her head, does not make eye contact, and responds softly, “Get the one you want.” I get a knot in the pit of my stomach and follow them down a second aisle. My hope is the man will leave so I can give my sister the name of a safe house to call. The opportunity never presents itself.

This is a female reality, isn’t it? We want to help our sisters, but how can we without causing them more harm? My platform doesn’t address this issue because I have no proposal. So I vote for all those professional organizations that study and learn how to approach the violence that is perpetrated on women every second of every day.

There are bright spots that I can present to board rooms, some run by women, as my campaign pushes towards that all-important vote. So, not all is lost. Yet, when I shop at my local grocery store, I still look for my sister.

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