Life Chronicles – Together We Will Capture Your Story

To capture a life in story for a client is to watch a butterfly flit from flower to flower; seemingly never to alight. It is throughout my years as raconteur, writer and author that I learned why: One must quiet the mind to know the wonder. I’m here and together we will portray, with wonder, your life chronicle.   

 As a writer of life stories I’ve learned that we each long to understand how our past reveals how our future might play out. AND NO, most of us do not recognize this phenomenon as a significant value added to our potential. In spite of that, when a child I leaned in–more than once–in order to hear stories uttered by those who came before me? Dialects aside, the storytelling drifted into generational memory and became my story. What of you or your child? Are we not our past always seeking our future? Life is a word that means soul. Story is a word that means chronicle. Life Story is intention!

My clients continually teach me that our voices are powerful tools. And, that each human being has a unique memory voice that does not change over time. It just rests in the ether-of-silence; well, unless someone inquires. What clients learn about themselves during or after our time together I do not know. What I do know is that I am forever changed by each experience.

My story in six words: “Humankind is visible in my reflection.”


 LIFE CHRONICLES: Janet Lee Montera 

At birth we each cross the threshold of our ancestry and embark on life. Each life is unique and how it threads with another is not random. It is due to the choices made by those who came before.