This picture is how I remember President John F. Kennedy: Assassinated November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas.

That day I’d just returned from lunch to the FBI Offices in downtown Denver. I was a stenographer there. Inside it was disbelief and we kept saying: NO. NO. NO and then I cried and then we got to work. The FBI Agents scrambled to talk with informants and to make sense of something so out of character for America. It was a deep loss for Kennedy’s family but a lifetime loss of the sense of a secure America. We dialed home to be certain our families were not in harm’s way and I wept!

No one truly knows what Kennedy’s legacy would have been; nor that of his brother Robert Kennedy; also assassinated. Looking back in the Mirror of Time I see a reflection of what might have been and what is. This is why I wept…even to this day.

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