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“The Wedding Garden” unites the life experience of its characters with their soul-life purpose.

An invitation from Rose Eva Thistle

“Tell our story,” he whispered in my ear as I hugged him for what would be the last time… I welcome you, with open arms, to walk with me through my life’s garden—a place where the seeds of hope, cast on the winds of time, altered the very mysteries of my life. Call it circumstances or fate if you so choose; but, in the coal-fields of southern Colorado, where I was born, the seeds that blew in on that wind were onerous labor and misplaced fidelity.

“My story embraces The Respite House for Orphans (pictured); matrimony—the customary kind—as well as the emigrant families who wedded for survival’s sake. Safe havens were constructred by honoring the traditions of their Motherlands. Distinct dialects drifted from every company-owned house in every Colorado coal camp and on every corner in my town, Wood River, Colorado.

“It was 1921, a time in North America known as the Roaring Twenties that the genesis of my life was set in motion at the Blackport Mine (coal camp), Pennsylvania. I am who I am because of those who came before: the men and boys who dug for black gold (coal); the women who dug through fear on behalf of their husbands and sons; injustice; coal strikes; orphans, and my origin. Yet, through it all, these same souls loved deeply and with intent. But, it was an era whose death was predestined as the winds of time shifted; once again!”

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