typewriter_legswtypewriter_sample_img_2WONDER is a word that means: be unsure or marvel or doubt. These three descriptors seem at odds and yet identify the essence of the word Wonder. So I wonder: Was I then and am I now unsure of where I’ve been and where I’m headed?  I marvel at my accomplishment and also experience remorse for dreams blown away on hurricane winds. Yes, every choice I made came with doubt. But, if the truth be told, the choices I was too afraid to make I now mourn.

On our Earth, in the Year 2013, all humankind Wonder: How is it the foundation beneath what we thought were our Motherlands are war-torn in every sense of that word? The development of social media allows us access to on-the-spot heartbreak as we watch our sisters and brothers in doubt. It’s then—if the truth be told—the choices we were too afraid to make before we can either make now or forever mourn.

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