I Have Questions


Lately, whether I read it, hear it or sense it, questions pop into my mind.

I know to stop this phenomenon I must write my questions down. Here they are:

  •  History illustrates that conflicts over religious belief wound the very premise of what is taught inside its moral value. Why is that? P.S. Has there ever been a war over God?
  • When did we start naming foreigners Aliens instead of immigrants? Alien to what?
  • Those despots who use a vulnerable society to carry out their lunacy are heroic for a time. But who catches on first to its downfall: the lunatic or the peoples?
  • When a mastermind(s) of mass killings (under any guise) reach local to international courts of law they are qualified for an insanity defense. But I ask you, what are their sufferers qualified for?
  • I think I can safely confirm that evil is authentic; the news media in all its forms confirms this to me. Should we believe this is what our world has become? What about when a child smiles?
  • I marvel at the education I received, but that was long ago when integrity was the word of the day. I’ve read for years how IT is improving, and measuring the trillions we’ve thrown at it and the names we’ve given it, surely… Is it bureaucratic red tape or freethinking or tolerance for inaction or laissez-faire that redouble drop-out rates?
  • Playgrounds! I read recently they are too safe for our children and preventing them from experiencing life’s cuts and bruises. Is it because our society feels so insecure that we insulate our children against every aspect of it?
  • We have an aging society, but my personal harangue on this matter is inconsequential. What is of consequence is the manner in which we are cloaked: aged, seniors, baby boomers; disadvantaged elderly, and users of Medicare and Social Security. This mini-inventory begs the question: Are Older Americans nothing more than a burden on society? Before you answer, remember we too trusted our government to manage the monies we contributed for our future.
  • “Balance The Budget!” Okay, here are two questions: “Do you, the individual, balance your budget? Should our government be held to the same high standard? I would just state for the record that money does NOT grow on trees around my home and I certainly am not qualified to borrow from China.
  • Okay, so those who represent us in Washington debate (a good thing really) about raising or not raising taxes. My only, and last question, is: Do you know anyone who pays taxes without a job?

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