How Angels Fly

Long after writing this short story I’ve still not settled on whether the storytelling is for the child or the angel or both. Their link in the story is both ethereal and mortal and what happens to one happens to the other.

The main characters are: Guardian Angel~105, a member of God’s Guardian Angel Society and his lifelong relationship with an earthborn. It is during their time together that both search for an answer to the question “How Do Angels Fly?”

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“It’s early morning on earth, business as usual in heaven. God’s chief seraphs, the Archangels, are given His call to assemble Guardian Angels #103 through #130. In heaven, these angels are known as GAs. It is they who serve in the Guardian Angel Society and number in the uncountable.

“The GAs who had gathered flutter about as they wait; their wings creating a flow of air that causes the smaller angels to cast about. The din is overpowering; resembling that of fighter jets propelled from the deck of an aircraft carrier.

“Hovering outside the cluster, a somewhat clumsy guardian angel named GA~105, darts to and fro. He doesn’t enter the group because his mismatched wings cause him to wobble. He wonders why an inept novice like himself has been included in God’s call…”


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*** Postcards From God ***
Inspired by “How Angels Fly”

I’m pleased to offer Postcards From God a beautiful set of eight postcards inspired by the book, “How Angels Fly.” Send the postcards as an angel message to those you care about or keep them as a continuous reminder of the storytelling of heaven and earth.

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