A Life Story Is Not About Your Life.

It Is Your Life!

Speaker, Writer, Author, Raconteur 

My name is Janet and I believe that Your Name and its Story serve as a placeholder in time. I speak on the topic of life stories because I care that YOUR encounter with life is not lost in faded pictures or memories thought unimportant. 

Like so many writers, my love is for the creative, for the characters, for a voice to break free from the ether of silence. There is genuine gratification when a piece is finished; no matter its length or its world-wide draw. My projects begin as an inspired blueprint and end as a treasure map. To leave your voice is the greatest legacy there is for all humankind. 

AUTHOR: “How Angels Fly”
NOVELIST: “The Respite”


Prose for Life’s Benchmark Moments

At our passing a hollow space is left to ponder and fill with recollections, laughter and tears. To gaze for the last time at a perfectly framed picture of life. The loss is as deep as the pain and as soft as the remembrance.

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