I’ve changed! I’ve also discovered it really wasn’t an effort because it happened over time. It happened at home and at work and inside my mind and during breaks from my journeys around the world… Like China. {See “The Middle Kingdom” above: an insightful travelogue of a late 1990s trip there}. After the jet lag and catching up with the mundane and how those I love changed in my absence—it was then I caught a glimpse of the changes in me.

Why the title: “China & Me?” Well because it was the two of us that melded ideologies as I traversed the highways and byways of The Middle Kingdom. Was I forced to go, no! Did China intend my edification while I was there, yes! Did one of us win and the other one lose? No, it wasn’t that kind of melding. As our plane descends, I look down on the landscape that is Colorado and understand, for the first time, the deep love Pope John Paul II held for his beloved Poland.

In the everyday life of being human, we forget the subtleties of our homeland, our human rights and our privileges. I don’t any longer after seeing so many without them.

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