My very old and much-loved dictionary defines Changelings as “…Archaic, One apt to change; a waverer.” I love the word Changeling and recently used it in an email to a dear friend. Email, you say, how archaic. Yes, you’re right. Yet, even though we exchange words in this fashion, my friend, also a Changeling and I still feel our Soul-Place with Intention raise up from the screen.

I believe each of us has a Place that is not measured by continent, country or hometown. These places are physical and Changelings know it is only for passing through. The true Place of import is how, when and why we become Changelings—where we transform that nothing special place into our Soul-Place with Intention.

Ironically, in our search for Soul-Place with Intention, we find out that our foes and our sources of help are one-in-the-same: social media, the worldwide web, scrutiny, hatred and greed.

Yet, there are Changelings, hidden in the cloak of unawareness that our world sorely needs. Look! See if you can find one—or are one.

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